Ready For NEET Exam?

For any competitive examination, the aspects that remain constant are preparation and perseverance. Regardless of the domain of exam, mode of exam or any other metric, what truly determines your success is how well you know your subject. This directly corresponds to your gruelling preparation, which in fact is the demand of competitive exams in this day and age.

NEET is one of the most coveted and highly prestigious examinations conducted across the country. This single level entrance exam determines whether one qualifies to seek admission to medical courses, which is now also a qualifying examination to AYUSH courses, apart from the conventional MBBS, BDS courses.

Let’s face it, soon after the board exams for Class 12 are concluded or even near to conclude, students are thrown up with this question – Ready for NEET? Most of the students are clear about turning into medical professionals right from the beginning, hence launching into their preparation from class 11 itself. While others start preparing for NEET from class 12 and some others in the last few months before exams. In any which case, aspirants must cover these aspects in order to be ready to take up NEET exams head-on: Know your exam and the syllabus – it is imperative to know the NEET trends, exam pattern and an in-depth understanding of the syllabus before diving into the preparation. Do not miss out on any single topic from NCERT as questions can be framed from anywhere from the NCERT syllabus for classes 11 & 12. This is often an underestimated and neglected point.Prepare your full-proof strategy – devise your master plan to accomplish your ultimate goal Picking the right mix of study material – Half your job is done when you know what to study. The rest half is done when you have the right combination of study material.Stick to your routine – Once these above-mentioned points are ticked, follow the routine incessantly. This will ensure that your mind is trained to study, as per the planner.Make note of your progress and jot down your weak points – most of the confidence comes from knowing you are on the right path. For this, solve previous years’ question papers. Also, look up for NEET MCQ, sample papers, mock tests. Solving these helps students to figure out the recurring questions and assess weak areas to better themselves.Above all, stay confident with your preparation. Pre-exam jitters are natural but tell yourself – I am going to give my best shot. Stay calm and positive as a disturbed and panicky state occupies most of your mind space, which may hamper your performance

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