What are the types of universities and degrees in the United States?

Many Chinese students did not figure out the difference between a university degree in the United States and a university degree in China before going abroad. The degree programs of American institutions are generally divided into undergraduate and graduate. Graduate students in the United States are divided into masters and doctors, while graduate students in our country refer to masters in the United States.

There are four types of degrees awarded in the United States: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree, the first two are degrees awarded at the undergraduate level, and the last two are degrees awarded at the graduate level. According to the degree, there are two academic degrees and professional degrees. In addition, American universities also award degrees which do not reflect academic achievement, but rather recognition of those who have made outstanding contributions to society. There are grades in colleges and universities in the United States, and the degree levels offered are also very inconsistent. According to the school, it is divided into:

Doctorate granting Universities. These schools are called research universities and offer Bachelor, Master, Doctor and other degrees. They have a prominent position in the American higher education system, with private and public points. These universities have strong business schools, law schools, medical schools, engineering colleges, liberal arts colleges, etc. in the United States, with a full range of professional, dozens of departments, hundreds of majors. These schools represent the top research level of American universities, and receive a large amount of research funding from the US federal government research institutions, which can reach hundreds of millions or even more than one billion US dollars.

Master Granting Universities. Most of these schools are district-level universities, offering associate degrees, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, master’s degree-oriented vocational education, more practical, good job hunting after graduation; application competition is not very powerful, it is easier to be accepted; professors engage in research tasks Not heavy, focus on teaching; small classes; tuition is relatively cheap. According to the US.News 2017 regional university rankings, the number one is Providence College.

Liberal Arts Colleges. The College of Arts and Sciences mainly offers bachelor’s degrees, and a few clerical colleges offer master’s degrees. The teaching is based on liberal arts and sciences, and cultivates elites. The College of Arts and Sciences has well preserved the essence of American traditional undergraduate education, cultivated a complete concept of people, and focused on comprehensive and comprehensive education. Different from the comprehensive university is the small class, the students can get more attention from the professor, and the professor is mainly teaching.

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