Applications of Maths Concept ‘Area’

In Maths, you must have come across many concepts and theories, which are applied in mathematical calculations, both in academic and real-life. One of the useful concepts is the concept of the area of different shapes, defined in geometry. There are a number of geometrical shapes which we learn in our academics, such as circle, square, triangle, cylinder, etc. All these shapes have their own properties, areas and volumes.

The area of a given shape signifies the region occupied by the shape in a given 2-D or 3-D plane. Therefore, calculating the area helps us to measure the space occupied by a given object of a certain figure. To each shape which are introduced in geometry, there are formulas to calculate the area for them. These shapes have dimensions defined for them, based on which the surface area for them is calculated. Let us go through some of the real-life applications, where the area is measured for a given object.

  • By measuring the area of a wall, which has equal length and height, we can calculate the amount of paint required to cover the surface area. Here we can use the formula of area of square for the given wall because a square has all its edges equal in length.
  • To cover a floor with a carpet, we need to know the area of the floor by measuring its dimensions.
  • Measuring the agricultural fields or plots for purchasing or selling purpose.
  • Even to build a Pyramid, the architect must have required the area covered beneath the structure with the help of formula of the area of a two-dimensional triangle.
  • To buy a table cloth, we need to know the surface area of the table.
  • To construct overhead tanks in an apartment or independent houses.
  • Wrapping a gift which are in rectangular shapes, will require to measure the surface area of the gift to wrap it completely.
  • To use rods of cylindrical shapes during the construction of buildings, we can measure its lateral surface by using the formula of area of cylinder, by knowing the diameter of the rod.

‘Area’ is a major part of mensuration topic in Maths just like the volume. We may see many real-life examples, where the surface area of any object or place is measured.

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