5 Signs That Your Security Camera Has Been Hacked

When you install a surveillance camera system in your home, it is done with the purpose of protecting your family and belongings. But, if you do not take proper security measures and rely on simple passwords and default settings, you could be putting them at a greater risk and your family could join many others who are exposed to cybersecurity vulnerability. Hackers can break into your system and get access to the footage that you wish to monitor. If you have had a system installed and are not sure if it has been compromised, watch out for the following signs.

1.      Unfamiliar Sounds from the Camera

If you hear strange sounds emanating from your IP camera, it is a clear sign that there is somebody else who is watching you through the camera. In such a case, the hackers could interact with your children remotely, listen in to conversations, and could potentially do a lot of harm.

2.      Abnormal Rotation of the Camera

You would have set up the camera to observe a certain section of the room. If you feel that the camera rotation is covering much more than that, it is also a sign that somebody is controlling the camera remotely and is able to view your every movement.

3.      Check Your Security Settings

The security settings and the password are a major indicator of hacking. If you find them to be different from what you had set them as, it clearly indicates that your security system has been compromised.

4.      Watch Out for an LED Light

If you find that there is an LED light turned on for your camera without any action from your part, consider it as a sign that someone has access to your security system. 

5.      Investigate the Flow of Data Related to Your Camera

If your network shows unusual traffic to and from your surveillance camera, the spikes will indicate some miscreant at work. Someone has been able to break into your security system and is accessing your camera footage. It is best to secure your system as early as possible.

Since the security of your family is your prime concern, you must ensure that the necessary measures are taken to get the best level of security from the system. You need to make the system work for you rather than others who could actually misuse it.

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