Top 3 SEO trends for 2018

Digital marketing has significantly impacted the business sector through the use of various techniques which are social media marketing, paid search, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is responsible for generating traffic for your website, blog post or any content-based publication on the web. The technique works hand in hand with search engines such that when a user performs a search, the search results appear in rank. Furthermore, search engines are accustomed to a particular algorithm that takes into account some aspects when displaying search results. Cardinal Digital Marketing is a giant in this line of duty and can significantly boost your endeavours in the business sector. SEO is continuously improving, and this article takes a look at some of the trends shaping digital marketing through SEO.

Video engagement

The world has received a tremendous boost concerning transforming it into a global village. Consequently, the number of smartphones in use has skyrocketed accompanied by incredible internet speed in addition to, user-friendly social media. On the other hand, video content has been a source of amusement to social media subscribers. This phenomenon is backed up by the fact that user engagement exhibits a final surge in a situation where a video is involved. Participation in this scenario encompasses time taken to view video and action performed on it such as sharing and liking. Video recognition via search engines is not farfetched since user behaviour sets the pace.

Rich Content Media

In search engine optimization, content is a critical ingredient that can either attract or scare away potential internet users depending on how you package the information. The process of engineering content is not all about writing a bunch of words, it entails crafting meaningful information. Grammatical as well as spelling errors should be avoided at all cost since they will affect the quality of the piece. Additionally, keywords must be evenly distributed through the article and should be able to make sense and maintain relevance. Apart from writing, there are also other forms of content media like images and videos. When the content generated is of top-notch quality, exciting and relevant consequently, potential audience or prospective customers will tag along

Social media search

The social media community refers to the people using social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the same line of thought, these platforms exhibit search boxes that can be used to perform searches. Recently, people have been using social sites as search engines to access a particular set of data. Although search engines are predominately in use, there will arise a need to optimize content on social media platforms. This move will ultimately avail the business community with an instrumental tool to reach more audience.


The three points above are just the tip of the iceberg. Voice search, awareness campaigns, link building, and affiliate marketing are some of the trends making blockbuster moves in the digital marketing realm. As you orchestrate a marketing strategy with your team and service providers, keep in mind the trends highlighted in this article.

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