How to Activate yourprepaid gift Balance

Activating a gift card is important because it keeps your card secure. The cardholder’s details are purposely used for security and identification.

You can buy a gift card either online or at any retailer store that sells these cards. If you buy the gift card online, you will activate the card online, register it, and use it for online purchasing.

But if you buy the card at any retail store, you take the card to the cashier to activate it and load the money in the gift card. You can also activate the card by calling the toll-free number printed on the front.

 These simple steps will make it easier to activate your prepaid gift balance.

Step 1. Activate your Gift Card Online.

At the front of your gift card, there’s a sticker listed with an activation link, which after visiting the link will register and activate your card immediately.

If the sticker at the front doesn’t automatically activate your gift card, then you can locate the website link at the back of the card. These vendors website, contains a link that will automatically activate the gift card.

After successfully activating the card through the vendors website, its is good to register the gift card so as to purchase stuffs online. To register, you need to give them your personal information.

Activate your Prepaid gift balance card by registering and activating it through the listed vendor, so as to avoid scams.

Step 2. Call the Mobile Number on Your Card

Most new gift cards have stickers placed at the front of the card. These stickers have a phone number for activation. Call the number and follow the instructions given to activate it.

Activating your card on the phone is easy because you only verify the account number of the prepaid gift balance card, and the card number.

You will also create a PIN number for your gift card.

 If you are not sure your card was activated, you can then call the customer service directly.

Step 3.Signing Your Card for Safety Purposes

On the back of your card, there is a black strip which you may be required to sign so as to avoid identity theft. The signed signature at the back of the card, allows merchants to verify that you’re the user of the gift card


Having used the 3 simple steps to activate your gift card, its is highly recommended that you make use of your card before its expiration date. Once it has expired, you cannot use it or use the remained balance.

An activated gift card is only for the recipient. No one else can have access to the prepaid giftbalance card.Every purchase made, and the balance can be kept track of online. if you lose a card you can report it. The gift card company will then deactivate your card.

Always activate your card within the first three months of receiving the gift card.

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