First meeting with the personal injury lawyer- What to expect?

Have you suffered an injury during an accident? Are you looking to consult a lawyer? You must protect the legal rights through personal injury lawyer. If you consider filing a personal injury lawsuit, you might wonder as what happens during a free consultation with a lawyer. The initial consultation provides an opportunity for the attorney to ask you certain questions about how the accident took place and for you to ask the attorney questions as well.

The personal injury lawyer would want to hear the details of your injuries and how they are affecting your life. For instance, what do you recall from the accident? Are there witnesses during the accident? There are photographs of the accident scene? The lawyer would want to learn more about the type of medical treatment you have been receiving.

what types of Questions to Expect During Your Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Every personal injury case has a specific set of facts and contributing factors. By talking with you, the lawyer would try to get an understanding of the facts of the accident to determine if you have a valid injury claim.

Things to expect are mentioned below:

Attorney’s Questions: Be well prepared to answer questions from the personal injury attorney. For example, when and where did the accident happen? What type of injuries did you have, and what has your medical treatment included so far? Do you consume photos from the accident? These are some examples of questions that you should be prepared to answer.

Documentation: Plan to bring any documentation of the accident to the free consultation. You must bring copies of police reports, photographs from the accident, your medical records, and any other documents that may be relevant to the attorney assess your case.

Your Questions: Also along with this it’s better to be prepared to answer questions from the personal injury lawyer, you must make a list of your questions to ask the lawyer. Just as, has the lawyer handled claims similar to your injury lawsuit? What sort of track record of verdicts and settlements does the lawyer possess in personal injury claims? Would you be able to speak with your lawyer regularly? How would the lawyer be paid? These are some examples of questions you might ask, but you must be sure to inquire about any matters that are important to you.

A narrative of events: If you haven’t already written down everything describing the event that left you injured, do so before you meet with an attorney. A written narrative would help you keep your thoughts organized and help ensure you don’t leave out important details. If possible, include relevant dates, times, addresses and names. The more specific your narrative is, the better will be the further case

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