Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Noisy Teenager

We love our children dearly, but teenagers can be noisy much of the time, which can get frustrating with everyone having to put up with it. However, if you plan to decorate your teenager’s room soon, there are things you can do to help reduce the noise levels in your home and keep everyone happy. When done correctly, they can make lots of noise in their bedrooms without disturbing the rest of the household, and it is not too expensive to do this. Below you can see some things you can do to soundproof your teenager’s bedroom so the rest of the people in the house can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Soundproof The Floors

You can soundproof the floor of the room by using a soundproofing underlay which you place underneath the carpet. You can buy specific under-carpet soundproofing, but if you are on a budget, you can also use thin layers of sponge or foam to help reduce noise levels. If you replace the carpet in their room, it is worth adding this additional layer of soundproofing, so you do not have to listen to them stomping about continuously in a strop.

Soundproofing The Walls

You can also soundproof the walls of your teen’s bedroom to help minimise the disturbance they cause the rest of the family. You can strip back the walls of their room, remove the plaster or plasterboard back to the wooden framework, and install sound proof plasterboard. Using this plasterboard is an excellent way to reduce the noise levels of their room in the rest of the house and help ensure they do not disturb anyone. It is also simple and quick to install, so you can do this with some basic DIY skills and do an excellent job without paying a professional.

Soundproof Their Ceiling

You will also want to add some soundproofing to the ceiling of their room, which will help create a box of soundproofing to contain their noise. If it is the attic above their ceiling, you can place the soundproofing on top of the insulation you have between the joists, which is easy to do, and you can do the job yourself. However, if there is another room above theirs, it can be a little more complicated and may require the expertise of a professional to help install the insulation for you. Whether you can do the task yourself or need a professional, it is worth doing the other rooms simultaneously to help give everyone some quiet in the house from each other’s noise when they are in their bedrooms.

A Tightly Sealed Door

You can also try sealing their door correctly, reducing draughts and insulating against noise. You can buy rubber seals that you can place around the door frame and ensure there is a tight seal, and you can also fit a draught excluder to the bottom of the door. With some creativity and some work, you can help to soundproof your teenager’s room and help to keep the noise down for everyone else living in the house. It might not make them any easier to live with, but at least you can get some peace and quiet.

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