5 Best Forex Signals Channels on Telegram in 2021

There are few things traders want more than accurate forex signals. In fact, most new traders spend dozens of hours on the Internet, googling “,” as many articles as they can, and talking to a ton of people on message boards. Often times, it’s to no avail.

In the beginning, forex trading is a part-time ordeal, for a vast majority of people. That’s why they don’t have enough time to conduct enough research and find out where to find the best forex signals. But that’s where Telegram comes into play.

With 500 million downloads, Telegram is one of the most popular social platforms on the globe. More than 1.5 million people log into their accounts on a daily basis and talk to like-minded individuals through different Telegram channels and groups.

You can bet there are numerous Telegram channels dedicated to forex…

Biggest Benefits of Forex Signal Channels on Telegram

Not only can you find entire channels dedicated to forex trading, but you can find Telegram channels that revolve around forex signals. When you’re new to trading, these channels can give you a competitive edge and save you a lot of time and money.

Possibly the biggest advantage of using Telegram groups is that they give you the opportunity to get notified about price changes in real-time. Through these groups, you’ll also get a chance to meet both like-minded newcomers as well as hundreds of expert traders.

Another great advantage is cost-effectiveness. While some signal providers ask for money, most Telegram channels deliver forex signals free of charge. When you’re just beginning and working on a modest budget, free advice is priceless.

However, not all channels are free. This brings us to…

Paid vs. Free Forex Signal Channels on Telegram

Should you consider investing in forex signal channels right away to ensure success? Why some channels require money, while others don’t in the first place? In short, paid channels are more reliable. They often deliver the right information at the right time.

Paid channels deliver signals with an accuracy of up to 90%. Free ones aren’t nearly as accurate. With more reliable information, you’ll make a healthier return on investment in a shorter period. The logic behind these groups is that you have to spend money to make money.

Does that mean that free channels are useless? Far from it. Some of the best forex signal channels are actually free. You just need to learn how to differentiate the good channels from the bad ones. But that’s why we’re here to help you…

Top 5 Forex Signal Channels on Telegram

Not all channels are made equal. Some are made for newcomers, others are made for expert traders, and some are made to scam people. You have to be aware of all of this before stepping into the world of forex trading. With a bit of guidance, you’ll have a handle on the situation.

Here are, in our humble opinion, the top 5 forex signal channels on telegram you can find today…

1.   FxProEra

The first signals provider on our list has more than 8,500 members, which is what puts it on the top. For a monthly fee, they will send you a number of signals every month. Some members claim that the accuracy of their signals is between 80% and 90%.

Every month, they send over 1000 pips. Many traders and review websites recommend this telegram group due to the sheer amount of signals and the value of their market information. A staggering 90% of their group members are active and have enabled group notifications.

2.   Forex Tipster

With little below 6,000 subscribers, the neatly-named Forex Tipster lands on the second spot on our list. The winning ratio of their signals is 80% according to group members. They also have a reportedly great risk-reward ratio.

Their members come from all over the world. The group shares its MT4 statement for proof of accuracy. This is another paid group, and it’s far from cheap. The fee starts at $135. While people say it’s worth the fee, this group isn’t recommendable to new forex traders.

3.   Stomper FXpips

Next up, we have Stomper FXpips. The group has somewhere around 1,500 subscribers at the moment. While they don’t provide forex signals, they do have a rather unique offer.

For a small fee, group members will manage your forex account for you. The group claims they provide a 25% return. In order to start with the group, you need an account on their broker too.

4.   ProFX Signals

Does a signal provider with 70% accuracy sound to you? Then you should check out ProFX and its signals. The group offers multiple packages. The biggest comes with a total of 800 pips every month, which a decent sum.

Their signals are profitable, and they operate mainly in the European market. The risk-reward ratio is reportedly between 1:1 and 1:2 and every signal is sent with a proper description, which is great news for all of the young traders out there.

5.   FX King

In the last spot, we have the FX king. With 800 active subscribers, the group seems modest compared to the others on the list. However, they’ve attracted most of their members in the last 6 months and the group is growing exponentially.

Their signals are proved to be 70% accurate. If you want to learn, the group has a neat YouTube channel where you can find discussion on their trading system, the state of the market as a whole, and other interesting tidbits about forex.

Final Thoughts

There are millions of wannabe traders out there that think that Forex trading can get them rich overnight. But both of us know that this is far from being true. As a matter of fact, you need a lot of knowledge and experience to make a profit, let alone become rich.

Luckily, you can benefit from others’ knowledge and experience. One of the best ways to do so is through Telegram groups, dedicated to delivering the best forest signals. Make sure to give each of the channels we recommended a chance before settling for one that suits you

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