2019 Maruti Baleno: Why should you buy?

In most of the cars, buying a base variant is like compromising with the safety features. But Maruti Baleno is one of the best variants. In this article, we will tell you why people should buy this car. Read each and everything properly to set a mind about buying Maruti Baleno.

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Baleno is having the best cabin in its class:

Baleno is a car that has gone all-black colour scheme with silver accents. Therefore, this gives more premium feel to the cabin than beige. At the top end, you get alpha spec cars, apart from a stylish instrument panel. You also get a multi-function readout on a TFT screen, with features like real-time fuel economy and many other things also.

Besides all this, there is 7-inch smart play infotainment with Apple car play. Thus, Baleno is the first Indian car to get this feature. Before buying this car you should check Maruti Suzuki Baleno on-road price.

Baleno is a brand new platform that focuses on safety:

Yes! This is a car having the ‘S’ word again that means safety. Maruti engineers claim that this new model of Maruti is developed to incorporate less weight just to beef up the performance of the car. The body weight is made of only 40% of heavy tensile steel. This gives the car additional rigidity and strength. It also has crumple zones that absorb energy in an impact. Nevertheless, this is a car that is lighter but safer to drive. To know Maruti Baleno on-road price, go and check in a nearby showroom.

Baleno engines are tried and trusted:

You have been driving other Maruti, you will be familiar with 1.2 litres and 1.3 litres of petrol and diesel engines. Petrol is one of the sweetest engines with plenty of refinement and rev-happy nature. It produces 83 Bhp at 6000 rpm along with 11.7 km/l of mileage. It produces torque power of 4000 rpm and 5-speed manual gearbox.

Therefore, Baleno makes for a rather good highway cruiser and extra fuel efficiency. You can check Baleno car price on the road, if you are willing to buy it.

Baleno is equipped with advanced technologies:

To buy Baleno car, you should check the Baleno car on-road price. Baleno equipped with advance automobile technologies.

Maruti Baleno is a car that is having specialized child locks as well as adult locks. Therefore, this is a car that has dual airbags for driver and co-driver. It also has six additional airbags for the passengers. Therefore, this is the feature that makes this car different from others. People can easily modify the interior of the car according to their choices. Baleno is a car having adjustable steering as well as a power steering.

These are the reasons that tell why people should buy Maruti Baleno. If you also liked the features of Baleno, you can buy it. To know Baleno price on road, you can go and check in a nearby showroom.

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